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Quick Q&A: Teddy Klingsporn, Tartan baseball

By Star Tribune, 03/30/13, 3:55PM CDT


The senior lefthander can hit the upper 80s with his fastball.

Teddy Klingsporn, Tartan baseball, sr., 2012-13,

Quick Q&A

Baseball or basketball? Baseball, by far. I was born and raised to play baseball. I’ve worked at that sport more than any other.

Why baseball? It’s America’s pastime. I just love to play it. I can play baseball seven days a week. I wish it didn’t snow so much in Minnesota or I could play baseball 365 days a year.

How has getting prepared for this year been hampered by the weather? It’s been tough getting ready in the gym. It’s not the biggest place to practice. And I’m an outfielder when I don’t pitch, so you can’t practice that at all.

Give me a scouting report on you as a pitcher: I’m left-handed. I haven’t been timed in a while, but my fastball is about 85 [mph]. It sits about 82, 83 in games.

What other pitches do you have? I have a changeup I’ve been working on a lot in the off-season. And I have a curve. But my deadly pitch is my knuckleball.

What kinds of reactions to you get from hitters when they see a knuckleball? It’s funny watching their expression. They’ll look at the catcher and shake their head. Mine dies as it gets to the plate. It dips.

Next year: Right now, I’m about 95 percent sure I’m going to play at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Game-winning hit or game-winning strikeout? That’s a tough one. I know I’m a pitcher, but I think I’d rather get the hit.

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